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Scalable and secure SFTP storage location  

SAFE SFTP is a secure and fast service that is hosted privately in the UK and replicated across our two datacentre locations.

If you are looking for an all you can store service, where you are only billed for what you use, then this could be for you. This service is simple to use and can be setup in a few minutes from the initial request. Choose allowed SFTP versions, authentication methods, MAC and crypto algorithms.


  • Advanced encryption
  • PCI/HIPAA compliant security
  • SSH2 encryption technology for secure file transfers
  • PKI authentication with multiple keys per user

Our SAFE SFTP service is available direct to our end clients or open to the reseller network to sell as a service.

Should you need any help in getting things going, then please do give us a call on 01689 661030, fill out the contact form below, or use our online chat function at the bottom right of the page.

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