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Enterprise Grade Data Protection

Whether you’re looking for cloud backup, computer backup or data backup, SAFE Backup PLUS provides solutions to protect and restore partitions, databases, servers, files and folders. Supporting Windows, MacOS and Linux backup.

  • Lightweight, Fast, Secure, Encrypted backups.
  • Enhanced Account Security with 2FA
  • UK Private Storage or a choice of backup location.
  • Supported technology:
    • Disk Image Backup
    • Hyper-V Image backup
    • Windows Systems State
    • Files and Folders
    • SQL Server, My SQL, mongoDB
    • Microsoft Exchange
  • Client-side deduplication and Compression as standard.
  • After the first full backup, only changes are uploaded.
  • Export backups of closed accounts for local archiving.
  • Free support from our dedicated UK Support Team.

All data is stored and encrypted using advanced AES-256 bit encryption algorithms. Transmitted data is encrypted and secured using SSL (HTTPS) enabled servers.


30 Day Free Trial Unlimited. No obligation.

Try it for yourself with our free no obligation trial and start protecting your cloud data today with SAFE Backup PLUS.

Should you need any help in getting things going, then please do give us a call on 01689 661030 or use our online chat below.


Super Lightweight Software

20mb download, no pre-requisites for JAVA or .NET, there is normally no need to reboot before your first backup. 

Client-side Deduplication

SAFE Backup PLUS has fast, bandwidth-efficient backups as deduplication is completed client-side, saving uploads and storage space.

No Full Re-Uploads

After the first backup, you’ll never have to re-upload the full file again.

Compressed and Encrypted

During backup, transit and rest. The only time it is unencrypted is during a restore.

Incremental Forever

Your oldest backup can restore just as fast as your most recent. No need for differentials or delta-merging.


Simple and Easy to Use

Our super lightweight installer has no JAVA or .NET requirements, fast installation and no reboots needed. Simple, intuitive, non-technical interface to easily activate backups, restore or export data.

User Configurable Data Retention

Data retention is how long you wish to store changed or deleted files within each backup set. This can be set by you upwards of one day, there is no limit to the duration

Point in Time Data Recovery Flexible Options

Recover data from any point in time within your configured retention period. Data can be restored to the original location or an alternate location. Low on bandwidth? then take advantage of our free seeding service and have you data sent to you. 

Multiple Machine Backups

With our business user client, you have the ability to backup multiple machines and manage them in our dedicated portal. Create a backup set per machine then set required schedules and retention periods for each backup.

Backup Notifications

After each backup you will receive a report of its status – it will even advise you if the scheduled job has missed. If using a PC or Laptop, take advantage of our backup reminder notification which will inform you when your last backup was run and to give you a gentle nudge to backup and protect your files.

UK Storage and UK Support

We are passionate about the security of your data, where we store it, and how it is protected. This is why we hold two copies of your backup data in high grade Data Centers in London and Bournemouth, all housed on our own private storage. Our UK (only) support team are on hand to help you with over 25 years of experience.

Dedicated SAFEHUB portal for all your needs

Check in on the status of your account, get access to your usage data, billing, try alternate products, login to your backup portal, view or check in on your backup jobs, set up a new job, edit your retention, request a restore direct from the portal to the machione that it was backed up from.

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