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  • Secure your Office 365 mail for as little as £0.06* per GB.
  • Store your Office 365 mail in our secure and private UK cloud.
  • Configure your backup using a software application on your machine or use our server.
  • Free restoration back into Office 365.
  • Flexible retention policy.
  • Point-in-time recovery.
  • Full 256-bit encryption.

* Based on data charge only for a 10TB SAFE Backup account.

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Why businesses need to back up Office 365

With businesses all over the world using Office 365, enabling increased productivity, reduced costs and access to data wherever employees are; many users mistakenly think because their data is in the cloud, there is no need to backup their Office 365 data. While Microsoft does replicate and backup its Office 365 service, it only protects its own interests by making sure any loss on its end can be recovered. Its backup does not protect you from human errors such as accidental deletion or an employee maliciously deleting files.

Human Error

Data is the fabric of every business and Office 365 makes it easy for employees to access documents across any device. Whilst we trust our staff to work in good faith, it is unavoidable that human errors occur and live data gets deleted by accident. There is also a risk of disgruntled employees or hackers who maliciously delete critical emails intentionally. With Safe Data Storage’s cloud to cloud backup solution, data will be secured in an offsite location that can only be retrieved by authorised personnel.

The Employee that leaves

When an employee leaves the company you deactivate their Office 365 account. However, what if later on you need to retrieve an email, an Excel sheet or a presentation from their account? If it’s more than 30 days later, Microsoft won’t be able to help retrieve old emails. With our solution, simply select the date and users folder and restore.

Short Retention Span

While Office 365 has methods to preserve deleted files , emails or entire mailboxes, the data may only be retained temporarily and may not be easily recoverable. Microsoft will only guarantee 90% of your data for 30 days, your data may not be recoverable after this period has expired. The only way to ensure data is fully protected against data loss should this retention period run out is to use Safe Data Storage’s backup solution.

Office 365

By using Safe Data Storage users can back up Office 365 mailbox data to our UK private, replicated cloud storage, with the added benefit of large retention policies as well as backup and restore.

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