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Why Companies Need to Rely on Secure Online Storage?

Companies have always opted for online storage because chances of system crash are minimal and data retrieval is also quick and effective. Entrepreneurs are mostly focused towards ensuring that their private and confidential information is kept safe and away from the threats of hackers. There are also several anti-malware programs that help virus attacks to be at a distance.

For companies, having a secure online storage to fall back on is something that is very appealing. A secure storage space is more about convenience and safety than about anything else. So let us take a look at the reasons for companies to increasingly opt for online storage.

Additional Security – Secure online storage is nothing but an additional form of security that you are adding to keep data safe. This form of security is extremely water tight and there is no breach of any security issue. Data stored in the server is considered to be safe because very few people have accessibility to it and there is no chance of the server crashing.

Fully Automated Backup Solution – When thinking of data backup, it is important for each company to have their own procedures and protocols to keep data safe. Most companies opt for the automated system of keeping data safe. The automated process is safe and there is no scope of minor human error. Automated data backup are scheduled at fixed interval through which data backup also becomes regularised.

Easy Recovery of Online Backup – The main reason to prefer online backup over any other backup solutions is because of its ability to recover data easily. Data recovery is easy irrespective of any system crash. Online backup system software allows easy process of file recovery. Not just the easy data recovery but in that process there is no disruption in the flow of work. These backup softwares have been tested extensively and then put to use on clients so they guarantee great results.

Data Syncing Through Different Devices – Synchronization is another useful and extremely important feature that online storage options require. Backup service providers are the best in this business and they make sure that it is easily done through various devices. Syncing data across various devices makes the flow of work simple and easy.

Cost and Time Savings – Online data backup is one of the easiest and the best ways to save on both time and cost. Automated data backup is easy and saves a lot on time and there is minimal human error. This means that you need less time and people managing it, and incurs significant reduction in costs. Furthermore if you make sure you have data backup systems ready so that there is less scope for any problem at workplace it will be beneficial to your business.

This is the major reason all enterprises have high demand of using secure online storage to make sure the work is going in the right pace.

Advantages of Cloud Backup For Business

Cloud backup advantages.

Benefits of Cloud Backup For Business

There are numerous advantages to having cloud storage in a business over more traditional methods. We see no reason why you shouldn’t migrate towards the cloud and here are our top reasons to make the move.

Access Anywhere

With cloud data storage your data and files are remotely backed up. This gives you the ability to access your data from anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you are travelling no a new location for a meeting or your team are spread across numerous geographic locations as is becoming more popular with a rise in the “work from home” culture.

Increase Data Security

If you choose to store your data with a specialist company you increase the level of security your data is held in. As these firms keep a large volume of data and rely on doing so, their security measures are likely to be far higher than yours internally.

At Safe Data Storage we have two off-site data storage centres in the UK, our primary storage facility on Orpington, London and a secondary facility in Bournemouth. We only use our own servers and your data is hosted in two UK ISO 27001 accredited data centres for extra security.

Scale up on Demand

When data is hosted internally it can be a struggle to upgrade or add additional storage. This is also often expensive and many companies will choose to delete things they think they need the least to save resources. By storing your data with us it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to scale up the level of storage to meet your requirements.

Disaster Recovery

In past days disasters such as fire and floods have wiped out years worth of records, files and valuable data. Once this has happened you are left having to start again. Not with cloud backup! Your business data is kept in off-site storage, all you have to do is restore to your last backup. This greatly limits the loss and means you can continue as normal.

This is also true for accidentally deleting files. We have all been in a situation where we deleted something we shouldn’t have by mistake. While previously this could have a huge effect on numerous people and tasks, no longer. Restore the file, or data and carry on as if it never happened.

If you have any questions about how to transfer your business to cloud storage or questions on how it will benefit you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to help with any queries you have.

Data Backup Software Market Growth

Cloud backup market growth

Data Backup Software Market Growth is Expected

Data backup software collates, compresses, protects and encrypts transfers of data to clients without consuming excess amount of time. Backup software is used to safely store data to a remote, cloud-based server.

Increasing Adoption of Cloud-based Technologies

As we develop our technology usage and reliance, we globally, produce and require a larger amount of data each day. It is no longer practical to store all of our data on physical storage devices, hence the growth in cloud based backup software. This is a major factor in the growth of data backup software according to Ronnie Huynh of Market Research 24.

The market is primarily split into three distinct segments, disaster recovery, cloud storage gateway and primary storage. Primary storage is expected to experience the highest level of growth over the forecast period up to 2027, in the industry report published by

The report identifies the “increasing adoption of data backup software & cloud-based technologies by various industries, are major factors boosting growth” They also state that while this growth is certainly seen in developed economies we are experiencing solid growth in data backup software in new emerging and developing economies. This additional usage in emerging economies is a huge factor in the global wide growth seen.

How Safe Data Storage Can Help

Safe Data Storage offer cloud based, secure backup software to industries across the UK. Specialising in Business Backup in addition toEducation and Charity data backup. All of our clients data is stored in two equally encrypted ISO 27001 accredited data centres for optimum secure data storage.

If you have any questions about how to securely store and backup your data or which Safe Data Storage solution would be best for you, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss your backup software requirements.

The Importance of Cloud Data Backup & Storage

Cloud data backup importance

Why Do You Need Cloud Data Backup & Storage?

Cloud data storage is becoming more popular in all professional environments. As a nation, and in-fact a country we are producing more digital data than ever before. With this unparalleled growth it is unsustainable to continue to store data in tangible objects.

Many businesses, charities and educational institutions now utilise secure offsite data storage, becoming more efficient in the process. With an increased market shift to “the cloud”, there is a new wave of concern surrounding the security of data online. Online data security is even more relevant following the recent activation of the GDPR regulations. Find out more about GDPR and Cloud Data Storage.

UK-based Cloud Backup

You can sleep soundly at night, knowing your data is stored securely on our own servers. We own all our servers meaning your files, photos and data are not shared with any third parties or other businesses. Storage is split across our two data-centres located in London and also Bournemouth where your data is replicated and stored separately. Services are available for Single User Backup or Business Backup depending on the nature of your requirements.

Encrypted Data Storage

To increase the level of protection you receive, all stored data on servers is encrypted as standard. Data you backup with Safe Data Storage remains only yours and can only be accessed by you.

From the point of initial collection at your PC terminal or other device, data is covered by an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Following this, any connection between you and the server to access files and data is covered using a SSL 129-bit channel.

What this really means is that your data, what ever this may be, is converted into a randomised selection of numbers, letters and symbols. Without access to an encryption key, to unlock the data it remains useless and unreadable.

Backup & Restore

One of the most important features of cloud data storage and data recovery software is knowing you can avoid disastrous data loss. Across our servers files are stored in multiple isolated locations for prevention from complete data loss. Regardless of your industry or skill, no longer having the ability to access customer, sales and other forms of data could have a hugely detrimental impact on the service you are able to offer. Additionally, subsequent data loss from unsecured storage could pose significant ramifications under GDPR regulations.

It can be incredibly easy to delete the wrong file or press something you shouldn’t have. With fully backed up data you need not worry, your files can simply be restored within minutes – even for the less tech savvy among us. No loss, no wasted work, just peace of mind your data is in safe hands.

If you would like to receive more information about being able to backup on cloud systems and restore your commercial and sensitive data, or simply want to know the best service for your needs, get in touch with a member of our team.

Data D-Day: GDPR Finally Arrives

GDPR and cloud data backup

It’s been rumbling threateningly towards UK businesses for a long time now, but tomorrow (25 May 2018) marks the deadline for businesses to become GDPR-compliant, a date otherwise known as Data D-Day.

Businesses can’t say they haven’t been warned – anxious chatter about GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) has been going on for months – but that hasn’t stopped many companies from putting off confronting the new regulations until the very last minute.

This isn’t surprising: there’s a reason why people are using audio of the regulations being read out to help them sleep. Trawling through the long-winded legal jargon and coming up with a plan to make your business GDPR-compliant can be tedious and hard work.

Unfortunately, like all jobs that you can’t put off forever, planning for GDPR is very important and needs to be dealt with eventually. Businesses need to ensure that only strictly necessary data is kept on customers, that up-to-date records are maintained of what data is stored where, and that processes are in place for keeping data safe.

The new regulations will put power firmly in the hands of individuals, who will now have the right to ask what information a company holds on them and request its correction or deletion if appropriate. This is the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’.

Put simply, many businesses will have to completely rethink their data collection and storage practices, and will likely have to audit the data they currently hold to ensure it meets the incoming regulations.

This is where Safe Data Storage can help. Our cloud backup services offer secure online data storage for businesses, charities and schools, allowing you to put your mind at rest knowing your data is safe.

With our services, all data stays in the UK at our two data centres, located in London and Bournemouth.

Data is fully encrypted at all points of the backup process, protecting the privacy of the individuals to which the data pertains.

For more information about how our services can help your business become GDPR-compliant, see our guide to GDPR, or get in touch today.

What is World Backup Day? Our Guide

World backup day

If you’re an avid Twitter user, and especially if you work in technology, you may have seen publicity about World Backup Day a few weeks ago, which was celebrated on March 31st. But what is the purpose of this day and how did it start?

Make sure you’re ready for next year’s World Backup Day with our handy guide.


World Backup Day was started in 2011 by digital consultant Ismail Jadun. It is celebrated on March 31st every year – a date chosen because it’s the day before April Fools Day…and of course you’d have to be a fool not to backup your data!

The day comes from humble roots; Jadun conceived the idea when he saw a Reddit post by a tech user who had lost their hard drive and wished someone or something had reminded them to back up their data.

“I thought it was a wonderful idea,” said Jadun, who then set up a day to do just that. “It’s wonderful to see people and schools around the world promoting the importance of backing up our data.”

What does it involve?

Of course, backup up their data should be on business’ minds all year round, but World Backup Day serves as a useful way of reminding people of the importance of securing their data and brings the matter into the public consciousness for a period before and after March 31st each year.

The day also raises awareness of the various ways data is at risk if not backed up, from devices being hacked or stolen to accidental deletion to viruses.

The day’s founders ask internet users to “take the pledge”, which goes as follows: “I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on World Backup Day, March 31st.”

Tweets on World Backup Day

Twitter was flooded this year with users vowing to ‘take the backup pledge’

This year’s World Backup Day is arguably the most important yet with the impending implementation of the new GDPR, which will change many business’ data storage and protection practices.

A survey conducted for this year’s World Backup Day by its organisers found that 30% of users have still never backed up their data. Though this shows a slight reduction from figures in previous years, this is still a significant proportion of users whose data is not secured.

Safe Data Storage provide cloud backup solutions for businesses, schools and charities. For more information, get in touch today.

6 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Cloud Partner in the UK


Branding is immensely important in building, sustaining and growing a business, so having to share the spotlight with another firm is not ideal. When working with a Partner, you will want to be able to put your own personal stamp on any of the products and platforms that you ultimately offer to your client base.

Ideally, you will want access to white-labelled services which are not explicitly tied to the provider but can instead be fully customised and kitted out with whatever branding you feel is appropriate. This will allow you to use your firm’s logo on the sign-up and log-in screens, reinforcing its impact every time that clients visit.


While it may be tempting to opt to work with a cloud reseller that operates internationally and can thus offer the cheapest possible prices for things like backup and storage solutions, this can lead to issues. Legal and regulatory restrictions may prevent clients in your industry from storing data overseas, so the location of the facilities which a partner operates should be relevant in the decision-making process.

Look out for partners that are not only based domestically but also operate all of their hardware on home turf rather than choosing to outsource this to facilities on foreign soil. This will help to avoid any complications further down the line, since the location of data is relevant in industries such as health care and finance.

Trial Offers

Coaxing clients into committing to the services can be taxing, especially if they are required to make any kind of upfront payment or sign up to a fixed contract. This makes it important to choose partners that allow you to provide free trials to clients with no obligations attached.

This approach is effective in the enterprise and consumer markets alike, giving people 30 days to experiment with a service from a cloud reseller in the UK before they decide whether or not it is a good fit for their needs.

The best IT reseller will be able to offer you an unlimited number of trials which can be passed on to clients, allowing as many as possible to sign up from your current and prospective stable of customers. This is not only a good way of attracting new clients but also of retaining existing ones and preventing them from switching to rival services.

Affordable Pricing

The cloud is such an appealing prospect for businesses because, unlike traditional IT, it is not something which requires upfront investment. Instead, it is possible to work with partners and gain access to the data centre resources that they offer immediately, with no initial outlay for hardware, premises or staff to worry about.

If steep upfront costs are off the table, then the partner in question will represent a good prospect for any business. But it is also important to look at the prices of the services and packages that are available so that it is simple to calculate the value that is achievable via adoption.

Infrastructure Elements

By working with a partner and endowing their services with your company’s branding, you will be putting a lot of trust in a third party, since they are effectively representing you directly, and if outages occur or errors arise, it will be your reputation that bears the brunt of the repercussions.

Make sure that a partner not only operates UK data centres but that they also have services which are properly secured both physically and digitally, along with the ability to provide continuity by replicating information across multiple servers so that hardware failures do not lead to data loss.


While it may not always be a priority during the procurement process, the availability of support services will become important as soon as you start using a cloud partner’s solutions. Check the types of support on offer, whether online or over the phone, and also look for packages that allow support for clients to be outsourced.

By carefully considering and assessing your needs, it should be possible to use these factors to find the best possible cloud partner for your business.

Traits to Find in a Successful Cloud Re-seller

Entrepreneurs running their own businesses understand the importance of striking the best partnership with cloud re-sellers. When resellers & organisations come together for the common interest of doing great work and the best thing is both parties have their mutual benefit. In order to have great professional partnerships, it is important that you understand the processes and aims of each other. The zeal to do good work, and the strong passion to benefit one another should always be there. In fact, this strong passion is the secret behind a successful professional partnership.

For any entrepreneur looking for an efficient and professional cloud storage provider to strike the best partnership with, make sure you look for these traits in them. Traits in cloud storage re-sellers are probably the best way to judge their efficiency and understand their potential.

Executive Leadership

Successful re-sellers are an important part of the cloud model. They realise that the old school approach of IT purchasing has undergone a gradual change. The best have adapted to this change and become the executive leaders of the modern cloud storage structure. The need to emerge as leaders helped them to bring technology in the forefront and make work life easier.

Customer Relationship

It is important for entrepreneurs to judge the existing relationships cloud re-sellers share with their customers. It is also important to check feedback of clients who have worked with those cloud re-sellers. Sample a collection of feedback for better clarity. If you are interested in one of our cloud data backup re-sellers, why not get in touch to ask us about them?


Mutual trust is extremely important if you wish to strike a long-term professional relationship. It is essential to a successful working partnership that you can understand their working style and adapt or integrate it into your working process. This adjustment will help both parties. But trust is the basic element that you need to have to work well together.

Mutual Benefit

Partnership between a company and any cloud re-seller must always be a two-way process ensuring that there is a mutual benefit shared on both sides. So make sure that your partnership terms and conditions are clear from the beginning and that is what your cloud re-seller should also have in mind. Mutual benefit will only better your chances in the work front.

Integrated Approach

Partners coming together need to understand the good difference they are bringing together. They need to have a strong and valuable integration that will largely benefit clients and consumers. Cloud solution is never a single product and that is the major reason for cloud re-sellers to look for an integrated approach.

Forging the right partnership with a professional and reliable cloud data storage re-seller can accelerate your business achievements to new levels. It is essential you understand exactly what your provider will require from you and exactly what you will expect from them. If you have any more questions regarding how best to choose your cloud data storage and backup provider, feel free to contact a member of our team for help.

What the Facebook data breach tells us about the public’s attitudes to data security

Facebook data breach.

In January we consulted our crystal ball and predicted that data – in particular the public’s data privacy, and large-scale breaches of it – would be headline news in 2018. What we didn’t expect was to be proved right so soon by the massive Facebook data breach exposé that has dominated the headlines this month. Feel free to ask us for this week’s lottery numbers…

Facebook users across the world are still reeling from reports that 50 million Facebook profiles were harvested by Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based data analytics company, in an enormous data breach for use in political campaigns including Donald Trump’s presidential bid and Brexit.

Facebook users’ ‘likes’ and other information on their profiles was used to target them with political propaganda encouraging them to vote for the candidates Cambridge Analytica was working with.

The effect of the news of the breach has been to make consumers more aware of their data and how it is being used. Cambridge Analytica’s data acquisition can be traced back to Facebook quizzes in the early years of this decade where users blithely granted access to their and their friends’ data in order to take part in quizzes.

Already, as a result of this story breaking, it’s hard to imagine Facebook users casually signing over their data to third parties en masse any longer without knowing how it will be used. Indeed, many users have left the platform altogether out of concerns about the security of their data.

For businesses who handle sensitive data about their customers or users, there is a clear lesson to be learnt from this: consumers are growing increasingly aware and passionate about their online privacy and how their data is used.

It seems clear that data security will become an increasingly important factor to consumers when they are choosing between services and products.

Of course, the Facebook breach has happened against the backdrop of GDPR’s introduction, which has been worrying businesses by itself. Organisations are required to be GDPR-compliant by the fast-approaching deadline of 25 May. Read more on GDPR on our blog.

GDPR gives individuals more access to, and rights over, their data and how it is used. It will force businesses to reassess what data they collect on employees and customers and the collection of all of this information is strictly necessary.

In addition, individuals have the ‘right to be forgotten’ if they object to some of the data being collected about them.

This is clearly a landmark moment for the data industry, with consumers awakening to the importance of keeping their data secure and organisations increasingly being held to account about their data practices.

Safe Data Storage provide secure cloud backup services for businesses, education providers and charities, giving you peace of mind that your data is safe.

For more information, get in touch.

Success Tips Cloud Re-sellers Must Always Follow

Re-sellers have an important task of providing one of the most effective cloud backup solutions to businesses. One of the fundamental aspects that all businesses need to keep in mind is the fact their official data needs to be kept safe and confidential. Several virus attacks or threats from hackers should not be able to break the security system and get the data. This is the main concern of professionals and that is the major reason they depend on cloud re-sellers the most. It is the professional responsibility of cloud re-sellers to provide solutions that can prevent malware from attacking the cloud to retrieve data.

Technology is constantly upgrading itself and that is the major reason for businesses to have backup solutions that are effective. It is natural that a cloud reseller would want to taste success and they need to work hard towards it. However, just hard work is not good enough, it is equally important that you keep in mind a few other important factors. Let us take a close look at some of the other important factors that re-sellers need to keep in mind as well.

Filter Your Target Market

When planning to sell cloud storage, it is important to understand your target market and brand yourself accordingly. Keep your focus on your target market because they are the people responsible for increasing your sales. In such cases, it is best to have your focus on businesses because they rely on cloud backup.

Assess Your Product Carefully

When you are planning to sell cloud backup to potential customers, you need to know your product well. Understanding your cloud backup solutions and assessing them well is important so that you can highlight the appropriate information. It is natural that clients will ask you innumerable questions before calling you on board. Having immediate and quick replies is the best way to create the right impression and sell cloud storage.

Gather Client Testimonials

Most buyers focus on strong references from previous buyers. This is the major reason for you to gather testimonials from previous clients after the deal is secured. This is a great way to increase your brand value and target bigger clients in the future toexpand your professional domain. Client testimonials improve your stature in the professional domain and in turn push you towards professional growth. So make sure you collect their feedback and value them at the same time.

Learn More about Technology

Technology is constantly changing and upgrading. As professionals you can make the most of this technological innovation and give your clients the best solutions of cloud backup available. It is important to learn fast and adapt to the latest trends in technology. Remember to be quick, sharp and absorb these changes and give your clients the best solutions so that they keep coming back to you for more.

Success is never a destination but the journey itself. This is the major reason you need to keep learning something new about technology, keep gathering great feedback from previous clients and push the envelope further to do something bigger and better.

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