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Your online backup service provider...

Why you should choose Safe Data Storage as your online backup service provider:

  • We are a UK company and store your data in UK data centres.
  • Our technical support is UK based and available via telephone as well as email.
  • Your data is fully encrypted and protected even before it leaves your computer.
  • Our fully managed and monitored service is unrivaled.
  • You are not locked into lengthy contracts and billing is quarterly and paid for by BACS or Cheque.

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Old fashioned values...

We have old fashioned values of putting customers first which is why we provide the fully managed and monitored service.

"Being proactive on client accounts ensures that in the event of an issue with a backup we will respond to make certain any error is put right before the next scheduled backup."

File, Exchange & SQL Scheduled Backup & Restore

Protect your files and application data against deletion, loss, corruption etc. Ideal for laptops, PCs and servers.

Scheduled online data backup for small to large companies. Completely secure and configurable.

SQL Server

Image Backup Hardware Independent Baremetal Protection

Full disaster recovery solution for PCs and servers where up-to-date disk images are maintained off-site.

An essential piece of your Disaster Recovery Plan facilitating your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Exchange Granular Recovery
Storage Craft

Getting Started

Free Trial

Test our service in your true working environment and see that it meets our claims.

  • Our 30 day free trial is our full service with no limitation.
  • Use our support team to help with getting things going.
  • Our trial carries no obligation and no financial details are required.

Towards the end of your trial..

As the free trial period draws to a close you will be informed of the cost should you wish to continue and if so will be invoiced for your first quarterly period.

If on the other hand you decide it is not what you need or is too expensive
you can simply cancel and we will remove your account and encrypted data from our servers.

Our 30 Day Free Trial No limits or restrictions. No obligation. No financial details required.

Free Trial

Our free trial is unique...

  • Full support is available during the trial.
  • Take advantage of our free initial seed service if you have a large amount of data or slow internet connection.
  • Once your data is stored and backup schedules running, fully test our service by performing a restore.
  • Assistance is provided to ensure that your backups are effective and optimised such that only your critical data is stored.
  • Our pricing is based on compressed data size (with compression rates up to 75%). The trial period allows us to establish the storage space that you require in advance of any commitment.
  • Without this kind of support you may end up paying for non-critical storage space (e.g., recycle bin, media files etc).

You need complete confidence in your backup solution...
...our unparalleled support and interaction will give you complete peace of mind.


We cannot read or gain access to your data but we can see file extensions and folder names so would be able to pick up on items like music and picture files etc that we will tell you about in order for you to decide whether they are important to you or that you wish to exclude.

Free Initial Backup via Secure Hard Drive Free of charge. Completely secure. Courier Delivery.

Initial Seed

If you're a business user and have a large amount of data to backup or you're on a slow internet connection...
...we've got that covered!

  • We'll send you a USB hard drive by courier.
  • Copy your encrypted backup to our drive and send it back to us.
  • We will manually transfer your encrypted data.
  • Backups can then proceed over your internet connection.
  • This service is free of charge and we'll help you along the way

Restore via Secure Hard Drive Free of charge. Completely secure. Courier Delivery.

If you're a business user and have a large amount of data to backup or you're on a slow internet connection...
...we've got that covered!

  • You can restore from anywhere either via the backup client (recommended) or via the online backup servers
  • If you have a large amount of data and a slow internet connection, don't worry. We can copy your encrypted data to a USB or NAS drive at the data centre, and then send it to you. You still need to decrypt the data once you receive the drive, but this can work out quicker for large amount of data

Secure Online Backup We use the very latest technologies in order to secure and protect your data.

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Data transfer is totally secure as are our data centres.

The technical detail...

  • Data is encrypted using 256 bit encryption.
  • Stored data remain completely encrypted.
  • Transfer over 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • Random encryption seeds for each file.
  • Data is compressed by up to 75% before being sent over the internet, reducing transfer times and storage space.



Unparalleled UK Based Facilities & Support All our customers benefit from our passion for support.

Supporting our users is very important to us. Our experienced UK based technicians are available to help via any of the following means.

  • Unlimited UK based telephone and email support.
  • Telephone support is via local call rate land lines.
  • Honest advice on what data you should backup.
  • All business backups monitored and managed.
  • Comprehensive email reporting.
  • Backup and restore 24/7.
  • Web management facilities.

Tel 01689 661030

Email support@safedatastorage.co.uk

Extremely competitive pricing...

Our pricing is based on compressed data size

  • Our compression can reduce the size of your data by up to 75%.
  • During your trial we will see how much data you have and discuss with you in person a pricing strategy.
  • Signup for our completely free 30 day trial and start your backup today.
  • No financial information is required and there is absolutely no obligation.
  • If you have a large amount of data take advantage of our free online backup seed service.

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We are more than just a data storage warehouse...

Schools & Education

Safe Data Storage is a member of BESA and adheres to the appropriate Code of Practice when supplying online data backup to schools and educational organisations.

BESA - The trade association for education suppliers

Reseller Opportunities

No reseller is too small. One client or many. Protect your clients data by registering as a reseller today and start signing up free, no obligation 30 day trial accounts.

  • Fully customised
  • Management portal
  • Additional revenue generator
  • Increase product portfolio


Special extremely low rates for registered charities.

Everyone knows someone that has benefited from a charity and we want to give a little something back.

We understand the need for regular, secure data backups and Charitable organisations are no different.


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